Along-side commercials projects, Pointy Stick is already engaged in a number of exciting Special Projects...


Combining Fredrick Callinggard and Mike Brady's many years of experience in music vidoes and live performances with an intimate knowledge of 3D and has already produced treatments with stunning results. Pay us a visit to see for yourself.

Natural History

Following on from Inition's stunnning collaboration with Deeble and Stone on the Distant Thunder pilot, shot on location in Kenya in 2009, Pointy Stick are in preproduction for 2 other natural history collaborations. With careful planning and the right subjects, wildlife is one of the most rewarding subjects for 3D treatment.


Pointy Stick are in the development stages of a 3D feature and always interested in discussing creative collaborations.

Branded content

Given the many things the world has yet to see in 3D film, the huge amount of exposure and interested generated by any new content makes it an ideal medium to exploit with branded content. We're brimming with ideas. Come and see us and we'll share them with you.


3D production can still be prohibitively expensive. We're in a position to offer both the 3D creative expertise and technical equipment to help co-productions get off the ground.


3D Creative Consultancy

Pointy Stick's creative team can offer 3D-informed thinking on any project. From the more technical 'is this practical' type questions to original integrated campaign ideas based around 3D content, Pointy Stick have a unique comibation of skills and experience to guide and advise through what can be a confusing medium. As 3D cameras become more commonplace, and the technical challenges recede, it is even more important the industry explores and understands the creative opportunities within 3D film-making. Making successful 3D content is very rarely just about pointing a 3D camera where you might have once pointed a 2D one...
For those interested in taking a look at a small selection of the 3D camera equipment we use, check out this page on Inition's site.


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